Lambing Dates – Mid January to March

Flock Info: My current ram is from Heart Lazy P Suffolk’s.  I recently purchased four registered ewes that have bloodlines tracing to Mitchell Mile High Suffolk as well as some ewes that have bloodlines from Heart Lazy P Suffolk.  I also have some ewes that are homegrown.

General Flock Info:  I only have a small flock of 17 ewes, but they have been good producers of 4-H lambs.  In 2010, from the Rosebud/Treasure County Fair, my lambs received 7 blue market ribbons and one Reserve Champion Market Lamb.  Also, according to carcass results, two were Montana certified lambs.  From the McCone County Fair, my lambs received Reserve Champion Market Lamb, as well as, Grand and Reserve Champion Pen of 2 Market. I have only been raising sheep for 4 years now but I am constantly learning and trying to upgrade the quality of my lambs.

Health and Genetics:  My flock is in good health and I have had Scrapes #MT2184 for three years now.  I worm and vaccinated my flock with Covexin 8 regularly.

Sales Inquiries:  We will have lambs that will accommodate many of the local fairs this year.  I will be glad to show you either by pictures and email or in person when the lambs are ready.  You can also see information on the ewes and the lambs on our website.  You can call me for an appointment or email me.

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